Welcome to the  Association of Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy (ASP).

The Association of Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy is a voluntary and independent association of both natural and legal persons practicing sociotherapy and psychotherapy either professionally or as amateur therapists. Our aim is to establish a legislative framework for sociotherapy and psychotherapy and to achieve accreditation of training programmes for sociotherapists and psychotherapists. Our prospective goal is to keep a list of sociotherapists and psychotherapists and bring together natural persons and legal entities engaged in organizing training activities in the field of sociotherapy, psychotherapy and social work for the purpose of cooperation and coordination of their activities.

Our next ambition is to introduce sociotherapy and psychotherapy to the broad range of experts as well as the lay public, to provide information on the possibilities of utilization of knowledge concerning both disciplines, on training and other activities organized by our members and other organizations.

The Association of Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy publishes the e-journal named SOCIOTERAPIA (SOCIOTHERAPY) (the archive of issues is available on this website). Moreover, the website contains our own articles, as well as the expert articles on sociotherapy and psychotherapy taken from other sources and information on publications and activities of our members.

Please feel free to contribute your ideas and comments to help us promote sociotherapy and psychotherapy for the public benefit. Also let us know about your activities so that we can inform our other members and the public and thus jointly contribute to establishing sociotherapy and psychotherapy in Slovakia.

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